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    Large Mother of Pearl Moroccan Chair set by levantiques
    Mother of pearl inlay royal armchair throne by Levantiques
    Emesa Armchair set
    AED 24,000.00
    Brocade  wooden inlaid and craved Arabic chair set with table
    Moroccan wooden handmade chair by levantiques
    Amal Chair Set
    AED 13,500.00
    luxury Arabesque mother of pearl inlay majlis sofa set by Levantiques
     Arabic sofa set for luxury majlis seating by Levantiques
    Royal Sofa set
    AED 75,000.00
    Najd - Majlis Sofa
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    Najd Armchair
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    handcrafted Moroccan styled small chair set with table by levantiques
    mother of pearl inlay and carved wooden round chair by levantiques
    Ebla Chair set
    AED 27,500.00
    Perla Sofa
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    fabric upholstered entryway bench inlaid with pearl by Levantiques
    velvet upholstered fancy bedroom bench by Levantiques
    Hilal Bench
    AED 16,500.00
    Alia Chair set
    AED 18,500.00
    vintage mother of pearl inlay and craved wooden armchair set by levantiques
    carved woof Moroccan armchair by Levantiques
    Arch Chair Set
    AED 16,500.00
    Moroccan seating for bedroom by levantiques
    ottoman bench inlaid with abalone and mother of pearl by levantiques
    Arch Ottoman Chair
    AED 6,500.00
    handmade wooden chair for Moroccan majlis by levantiques
    wooden Arabic armchair for Islamic interior by levantiques
    Asalah Chair set
    AED 16,500.00
     19th Century Moorish Wood Inlaid Folding Chair by levantiques
    syrian mother of pearl inlay folding chair by levantiques
    Avon Armchair
    AED 4,200.00
    classic handmade armchair by levantiques
    Luxury Syrian Levantine chair inlaid with mother of pearl
    Esta Armchair
    AED 4,500.00
    wooden upholstered bench with dark green velvet by levantiques
    mother of pearl inlay Moroccan bench by Levantiques
    Feirouza Bench
    AED 12,500.00
    luxury handmade arabesque chair set by levantiques
    Moorish Style Mother of Pearl Inlaid Armchair by levantiques
    Antar Chair Set
    AED 16,500.00
    carved Wood classic Armchair Set with Table for luxury villa by Levantiques
    Classic Italian Living Room Sofa Set inlaid with pearl by Levantiques
    hanem Armchair set
    AED 14,000.00
    craved Moroccan armchair set with table by Levantiques
    Levantine wooden armchair set by Levantiques_
    Haroun Chair set
    AED 12,000.00
    mother of pearl inlay rocking chair by levantiques
    accent rocking chair inlaid with mother of pearl by Levantiques
    Hazzaz II Rocking Chair
    AED 10,500.00
    mother of pearl inlay bench seat with velvet fabric by levantiques
    Velvet upholstered wooden ottoman bench seat by Levantiques
    Janette Bench
    AED 12,500.00
    luxurious hand inly chair set by levantiques
    exotic handcrafted armchair set by levantiques
    Jawaher Armchair set
    AED 25,000.00
    Islamic ornamented mother of pearl bench seat by Levantiques
    pearl inlay upholstered bed bench by Levantiques
    Juneid Bench
    AED 13,000.00
    mother of pearl inlay luxury hammock chair  by Levantiques
    traditional mother of pearl fancy rocking chair by Levantiques
    Hazzaz I Rocking Chair
    AED 10,500.00
    Arabic wooden engraved armchair by levantiques
    handcrafted Moroccan accent chair by levantiques
    Jura Chair
    AED 5,000.00
    handcrafted mother of pearl inlay chair set by levantiques_
    luxury authentic mother of pearl inlay chair set
    Kanz Armchair set
    AED 28,500.00
    Mother of Pearl Inlay Syrian Chair Set by levantiques
    mother of pearl inlaid and craved Syrian chair by levantiques
    Karam Chair Set
    AED 22,500.00
    luxurious arabesque mother of pearl inlay armchair set by levantiques
    Moroccan armchair set inlay with abalone and mother of pearl by levantiques
    Majd II Chair set
    AED 24,500.00
    luxury mother of pearl and abalone inlaid chair by levantiques
    Majd Chair Set
    AED 24,500.00
    Luxury Syrian, Levantine chair set inlaid with mother of pearl by levantiques
    mother of pearl inlay armchair with red velvet fabric by Levantiques
    Malak Armchair set
    AED 24,000.00
    Luxurious wedding throne chair by Levantiques
    mother of pearl accent armchair by levantiques
    Mari Armchair
    AED 14,500.00
    Syrian mother of pearl inlay chair set by levantiques
    mother of pearl inlay bedroom chair by Levantiques
    Misha Chair Set
    AED 15,000.00
    Vintage Middle Eastern Inlaid Mother of Pearl Folding Armchair by levantiques
    mother of pearl inlay carved foldable chair by levantiques
    Nova Armchair Set
    AED 5,000.00
    handmade mother of pearl inlay Syrian chair set by levantiques
    exotic pearl inlay chair in a modern style by levantiques
    Rein Chair Set
    AED 16,500.00
    Syrian mosaic chair by levantiques
    Syrian traditional wooden mosaic chair by levantiques
    Saro Syrian Mosaic Armchair
    AED 2,350.00
    Carved Syrian Mosaic Wood Chair set by levantiques
    syrian mosaic accent armchair set by leantiques
    Shama Armchair Set
    AED 11,000.00
    mother of pearl inlay luxury wooden bed bench by Levantiques
    Mother of pearl inlaid Syrian bench by Levantiques
    Arch Bench
    AED 9,500.00
    Pearl inlaid royal chair set for luxury Majlis by Levantiques
    luxurious large size chair set for Arabic office design by Levantiques
    Shams Chair set
    AED 32,000.00