our story
Levantiques was born to celebrate elegance and beauty in our everyday life


When craftsmanship and passion come together in harmony, new creations are born to amaze with their beauty and elegance. 

1966, in the heart of Damascus, the workshop LEVANTIQUES, (formerly known as Levant Antiques), was born, relied on craftsmen's creativity and on the beauty of nature, blending the finest types of wood and the most precious seashells to create majestic pieces that increase in beauty and value day after day and year after year.

The company's roots come from centuries of old artistry traditions and over time became a flagship in the creation and distribution of handcrafted art furniture and home decor. 

Every piece is a unique piece, handcrafted with the passion of our artisans and from their detailed attention to all expressions of elegance.

Our products have become a symbol of heritage and originality for collectors and art lovers around the world, adding a full taste of exclusivity in their homes. 

To keep pace with the increment in demand for our products, we opened a regional center in Dubai-UAE and Montreal-Canada, to be closer and to better serve our clients worldwide.